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Deep fried funnel cakes were invented in England around the 13th century, the French started frying mozzarella sticks in the 14th.

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This Vonchef deep fat fryer is very affordable and it has all the features any other deep fat fryer has and a lot more, which is why this fryer is very well respected in second place.Stylish high grade stainless steel housing with non-stick coating pan for easy food removal and cleaning.While commonly used in commercial kitchens, household models are available and have become common.

Fully enclosed and automated, the Autofry keeps employees safe from the internal cooking chamber while preparing food product to perfection each and every time.

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Find out on why tefal is worldwide the leading brand for kitchen and home appliances.

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The Greeks enjoyed frying their food in olive oil and the Romans even had their own fried chicken recipes.Our variety of commercial deep fat fryers are competitively priced and come in electric or gas models.The Fryer includes a Removable Lid with a Carbon Odor Filter which prevents spattering.

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The top-rated deep fat fryers come in different sizes, are convenient, and use cooking oil more efficiently than their competitors.

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A wide variety of non fat fryers options are available to you.Most fryers used in the industry are made from stainless steel so a steel scrubby should be safe to use on then.

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Proper oil temperature control has been an issue with electric deep fryers for a long time.

Deep fat fryers allow users to cook a variety of restaurant-quality foods in the comfort of their homes.These units are a much-relied upon part of countless commercial kitchens, with capacity to produce tasty and in-demand foods with relatively little effort from the cook.

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Deep Fat Frying and Food Safety Chicken, turkey, donuts, potatoes, and onion rings are examples of foods that can be cooked in a deep fryer.