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Nowadays, the device has become so sleek in design that it is integrated with other gadgets like mobiles and computers.A new camera from American company Lytro will allow users to take pictures and adjust the focus after the image has been taken using a technique called light field photography.

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Lytro has revealed its second-generation light field camera, the Illum.Lytro has spent years shrinking the camera equipment down to a single camera sensor that has hundreds of tiny lenses that deflect the light onto the sensor as it comes into the camera.

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To save space, the pixel values are packed together instead of padded, so there are 2 pixels (24 bits) stored in 3 bytes.

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The camera features a 35-280mm equivalent, constant F2 lens with what the company is calling an 11 megaray sensor, that captures photos that can be refocused.

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The camera has two modes: Everyday mode, which allows refocusing across the entire scene and Creative mode, which allows the refocusability to be concentrated around your subject.

Plus, create interactive, living pictures to share with friends and family online.The Lytro Illum is the first camera that enhances light field technology to a professional level.

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This technology lets you choose the plane of focus in post production as opposed to focusing while shooting.

Lytro Cinema is a 755 megapixel volumetric 3D camera that captures the entire high-resolution Light Field during filmmaking.

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If you missed the details the first time around, light-field technology allows the user to take a photo and then focus (and re-focus) the image.Hence the length of this component in this case is always 16,137,600 bytes.Lytro has built a new light field camera that could make green screens a thing of the past.

The light field camera reaches closer to the plenoptic function than a standard camera in that instead of only summing the photons to arrive at chromacity and luminosity at each pixel, it additionally determines directional information.After generating quite a bit of excitement last June, Lytro finally announced the upcoming release of their light-field camera, due sometime in early 2012.

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Light field capture using a learning based hybrid imaging system ting chun jun yan zhu nima khademi kalantari alexei efros ravi ramamoorthi lytro development kit ilration actual may differ lets nasa and lytro light field camera lytro s groundbreaking light field camera is finally landing in the hands of customers and to give people a better.Lytro for Windows transfers the living pictures from the Lytro camera to your supported computer, at which point you can review and share your living pictures with friends and family.

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Lytro is in the business of changing how people take and experience photography.

Lytro is proclaiming a new age in photography with a pocket-sized camera unveiled Wednesday that comes with a futuristic technology called light-field photograph.Ever since announcing the Immerge camera in November of last year, the company has remained fairly quiet outside of teasing the Lytro Cinema camera at the NAB conference this April.

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Since its invention, the technology behind a camera has developed a lot beyond imagination.In 2014, the second-generation imaging platform was released featuring the Lytro ILLUM, Lytro Desktop.

The Lytro Light-Field Camera: How It Works This summer Lytro proposed to shake up photography by introducing in the fall the first commercial light-field camera, able to refocus pictures after the.