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I purchased one, was very happy with its lightness and ease of use.Find and shopping results for Pocket Hose Ultra 25 Ft from mySimon.com. mySimon.com has the best deals and lowest prices on Pocket Hose Ultra 25 Ft.Consumer Reports also folded, twisted, and even knotted all three expandable hoses.

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Comparaboo analyzes all Garden Hoses of 2019, based on analyzed 7,440 consumer reviews by Comparaboo.Details about Dap Xhose PRO The Original Expanding Hose with Black Solid Brass Fittings, 75ft. No ratings or reviews yet.

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The length of the hose you purchase depends on how long of a reach you need.

This may be due to a number of reasons, including Amazon taking action against the reviews, or product variations being split into separate listings.If you have a triggered sprayer, this is the ideal nose for attaching it.I love the concept and the compact light weight but after reading these reviews about the product not standing up to expectations and the poor customer service I may have to find another alternative.

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When water flows through the hose, the rubber hose inside of the XHose will expand up to three times its original size, so you can turn up the water as much as you need.The pocket hose ultra video claim introduces us to the newest version of the best selling pocket hose.

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The commercial on TV clearly states that if the pocket hose ultra ever leaks they will replace it.Read review: Mountain Hardwear Scrambler 30 Analysis and Test Results Throughout the three-month testing process, we donned these packs for a wide range of activities and uses.

A 50 foot hose that can fit in your hand seemed like a great idea.

It seems like the sun and weather really beats them down quick and the outer skin rips and boom it's done.The premise: All summer long I do battle with watering hoses as I coil, unkink and lug them to dry spots.

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That is why I purchased the xhose with brass fittings because I thought it would be a better product.

But by making the XHose more like a regular garden hose have they lost the advantages of the original XHose.

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Find more about40 OFF Expandable Magic Garden Hose As Seen on TV MyDeallk. you can find more related Amazoncom Flex Able Garden Hose As Seen On TV Home Improvement, Metal Garden Hose Global Shop Direct As Seen On TV As Seen On TV XHOSE Pro 50 Foot Garden Hose Target, As Seen on TV Pocket Hose Ultra 50 Feet Hose Garden hose Patio As.

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Pocket Hose Pocket hose is a garden hose that can expand to its full size automatically but otherwise it can fit in your pocket.X Hose Complaint Review: X Hose X Hose by DAP Piece of Garbage Norwalk.

Had the pocket hose also, purchased at walmart returned 10 times and got new ones because they too broke.This one is a very strong and durable expandable garden hose you can choose domestically.I had mine for 3 months and it seemed to worked fine, but then one day it just exploded and when I went to return it they said that the warranty was only for thirty days.The expandable hose market has been a crowded field over the past few years with such offerings as the Pocket Hose, Flex-Able Hose, and XHose all vying for consumer attention.Whether you want one that mounts simply to a wall, or you want a portable one, there are many styles that are functional and decorative.

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